Soft bathlinen of superior quality, soft and resistant, which make contemporary elegance its own stylistic code, able to give the bathroom a glamorous and sophisticated touch.



Carrara was founded in 1948 and since then it has been known for its sophisticated terry collections with a strong aesthetic effect, capable of giving a touch of glamor even to the homes of the most demanding customers.

Create your style. Let it be unique and immediately recognizable.



Seductive in the cut and in the colors, they are characterized by a wide color palette that makes them suitable to dress every home. Declined in two seasonal collections, the FW has always been a more sober and elegant line, defined by masculine and neutral colors, while the SS is more funny and lively, with bright colors that accompany a humorous and sunny season.


Dynamic geometries, intense colors and finishes with a sartorial charm make up an eclectic reserved wardrobe.

P/E 2020

Soft bathlinen of superior quality, seductive in colors and tailoring, give the bathroom a touch of glamor and sophistication, becoming real garments.


A capsule collection of soft bathlinen that, between luxury comfort and refined aesthetic taste, interpret the discreet charm of black & white with extraordinary modernity.


Dynamic geometries, intense colors and finishes with a sartorial charm create an eclectic collection for the home.


Funny spirit for the Beach line, in which maritime fantasies with bright tones illuminate soft beach towels, beaches and bathrobes.